General Information

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8:30 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday.

Translation Services

A translation converts the text of a document from one language to another.

Everything. Examples include diplomas, transcripts, birth, marriage and death certificates, legal papers, medical documents and bank statements.

  • All of our translations are certified and notarized.

Evaluation Services

An evaluation shows what your foreign education is equal to in the United States.

The Diploma/Degree evaluation lists each academic credential, the institutions you studied in, the dates of graduation and the US equivalent. The Course-by-Course evaluation includes all of the information found in the Diploma/Degree evaluation and also lists all college-level courses, credits, grades and the final GPA.

We evaluate high school (secondary) and university-level credentials. We do not assess trade and professional qualifications. The following documents are typically excluded from an evaluation report: Trade qualifications; Military training; Second language training including ESL programs; Professional licenses or titles such as Chartered Accountant; Apprenticeships; Work or life experience; Continuing education courses; Non-credit professional development courses; Courses or programs taken at non-recognized (non-accredited) institutions.

Yes. If you are coming to our office, we will scan your originals and give them back to you right away. If you are applying by mail, please choose our Express Mail option for safe return of your originals.

Ethno Links uses a variety of methods to determine authenticity of the documents submitted to us.  We reserve the right to contact your school directly for verification

If documents are determined to be forged, altered in any way, or have been issued by a diploma mill, the application will be cancelled and fees will not be returned.

Our standard processing time is 10 business days. Rush services are also available. In the event that we must contact an academic institution or request additional information, the evaluation will be placed on hold until the necessary information is received.

How to apply

If you are applying for Translation, yes. If you are applying for Evaluation, we will need to see your ORIGINAL documents.  (In certain cases, when it is possible for us to verify documents online, you may be able to submit them electronically. Please see our document requirements for more information.). You can also use our Get a Quote form to upload your documents and wait for a response from one of our representatives.

Absolutely! We are open Monday-Friday from 8:30AM to 5PM. No appointment necessary.

Yes. Please make sure that person is familiar with your documents, personal information and with which services you are requesting.

Credit or debit cards and money orders. If you are coming to our office, you may also pay with cash.  For payments in the office, the cardholder must be present.  You cannot use someone else’s card if that person is not present. For online transactions, Globe Language Services reserves the right to request additional information to prevent fraudulent transactions.

Refunds can only be issued in cases of overpayment. In all other cases fees are non-refundable.

Send your questions through Get a Quote form, call us at +1-612-685-4100 or come to our office.