Evaluation of foreign (international) credentials is the process of reviewing academic and professional degrees and other credentials earned in one country and comparing them (equating) to degrees earned in a different country. Ethnolinks Language Services evaluates credentials received from educational institutions outside of the United States of America (certain Countries) and compares them to degrees awarded by educational institutions in the United States. Our evaluation reports are used by employers, colleges and universities, licensing boards and government agencies to understand foreign education credentials and to determine whether holders of these credentials are qualified for admission, employment and / or professional license.

In order to apply for evaluation, we require the application (In-office application, Online application or PDF form by mail), application fee, and official credentials (e.g., original diplomas and transcripts, official transcripts in sealed envelopes, apostilled documents, etc.). Please select Express mail for safe return of original documents. Please select Priority or Express mail if the Evaluation report is to be mailed directly to an institution or an organization. If the original documents are not in English, certified and notarized translations will be required.